General rules



• Once the session is over, move calmly on the paddock. The track staff can exclude anyone with a dangerous behaviour.
• Alcohol is PROHIBITED on the track, obviously drugs too. Their consuming, even minimal, excludes access to any tracks.
• Checks are provided by the track staff.
• Barbecues with wood fires are forbidden.
• The holes on the paddock are prohibited and charged 80 € by the track direction to the organizer, then to those who made them. Concrete blocks are available to weight arbours down or other structures. GO TO THE RECEPTION OF THE POLE MECANIQUE.
• Burns and wheeling are strictly forbidden.


• This is not a Moto GP World Championship grid, but a training day, you have to be courteous.
• Some discover, others train, finally, everyone is there for fun.
• From the start, respect others by list yourself in the right category.
• On track do not look behind, and respect flags meanings.
• Morning Briefings are mandatory.
• Debriefings are optional, but could be very useful.
• Well listen to the mike indications because information circulates throughout the day.


• The safety equipment must be in perfect condition: integral leather suit, in 1 or 2 pieces zipped, is MANDATORY.
• Back protection is mandatory.
• Integral helmets, leather gloves and boots must be in good condition.
• Modular helmets are prohibited by the track direction as well as textile gloves.
• The boots must exceed the malleolus of 8 cm minimum, the speed riding boots are strongly recommended.
• The motorbike must be in perfect condition: Brakes (discs + pads), general condition (oil leak, chain kit).
• Tire pressures are different between road and track use. Make sure your tires are at the right pressure, and if you have any doubt, ask to someone.
• Headlights and mirrors do not have to be taped. These can only be folded (to not look behind).
• Make sure the machine does not make too much noise. The silencers must be maintained. Do not hesitate to buy a dB Killer in case of refusal by the sound level meter.


95 dB during weekends and holidays.
100 dB during weekdays.

• The PMMC cannot be held responsible if the motorcycle is refused. A refund is impossible.
• Cameras are forbidden on the helmet. They are tolerated on the bike, but track staff may refuse access if they deem the attachment is insufficient. They are also forbidden on the torso.

WARNING: The track staff reserves the right to refuse access to a motorcycle and / or its rider if its equipment and / or motorcycle does not match with the safety criteria listed above.


  • Possibility to eat on the site. A catering is present and offers a full buffet for 13 €. Payment is made directly to the reception.
  • It is possible to sleep on the paddock the day before training.


BEGINNERS – INITIATED – CONFIRMED – EXPERTS: On each day we regulate groups by changing people from a category to another if it is necessary. Therefore, it is useless to outclass, or on the contrary to underestimate yourself to be with comrades. It’s all about the pleasure and safety of all!